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Söderhamn is beautifully situated by the coast, in the province of Hälsingland, Gävleborg county. Stockholm/Arlanda Airport is 2 h. and 12 minutes away by car on Highway E4 or 1 h. 48 minutes on the east-coast rail line.

Söderhamn is the administrative and commercial centre of the municipality of Söderhamn. The city of Söderhamn, incorporated in 1620, is located at the head of Söderhamnsfjärden, an inlet of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Other main communities in the municipality are Vallvik, Ljusne, Sandarne, Söderala, Marmaverken, Mohed, Bergvik, Holmsveden, Stråtjära, Trönö and Kungsgården.

The municipality includes Orrskär, the deepest ice-free port in Northern Sweden.

Distance table:

Stockholm - Söderhamn 250 km
Gävle - Söderhamn 80 km
Sundsvall - Söderhamn 140 km
Umeå - Söderhamn 406 km
Malmö - Söderhamn 770 km

Municipality of Söderhamn
S-826 80 Söderhamn
Tel +46 270-750 00
Fax + 46 270-411 63
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Tourist Information
S-826 80 Söderhamn
Tel +46 270-753 53
Fax +46 270-173 68
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Söderhamns kommun, 826 80 Söderhamn, Tel 0270-750 00, Fax 0270-411 60, E-post.
Faktura sänds till: Söderhamns kommun, Box 1, 826 21 Söderhamn. Org nr 212000-2353.